Where Can Elderly Care Take Your Parent?

Making the decision to give up driving can be very difficult for an older adult. They may believe it will limit their normal activities and leave them stranded at home. The thought of having to wait for friends of family members to give them rides might be frustrating. In fact, they may even find it embarrassing to have to ask for a ride. As a result, many seniors drive past the time when it is safe or find themselves housebound when they finally do give up their keys. However, there’s no reason for seniors to fear no longer driving when they have elderly care. Elderly care providers can offer your older family member transportation to a wide variety of places. Where can elderly care take your parent? Well, just a few of the places they can go are listed below.

Grocery Store

Being unable to get to the grocery store can result in your older family member not eating enough or choosing unhealthy items they can get by walking to a nearby convenience store or fast food restaurant. Not eating enough can lead to unhealthy weight loss and malnutrition. Eating convenience items and fast food can lead to other problems because of the excess salt, fat, and sugar in such foods. Elderly care can drive your aging relative to the grocery store and help them to shop for healthy food items, like vegetables, fruit, and lean proteins. While shopping, the elderly care provider can push the cart, reach for high or low items, and carry heavy grocer bags.

Place of Worship

Many seniors have strong ties to their places of worship and the people they see there. Being unable to drive can affect their emotional and spiritual well-being when they cannot get to worship services. In addition, they may miss seeing friends and attending special events. An elderly care provider can be scheduled to assist your parent to get dressed and groomed for worship, then drive them to and from their place of worship. Elderly care can also be scheduled to drive them to special events, like a dinner or group study.

Social Engagements

Giving up driving can cause your parent to miss out on lunches with friends, shopping dates, or other social engagements. An elderly care provider can drive your parent to a restaurant to have lunch or dinner with friends or to club meetings and friends’ houses.


Aging doesn’t eliminate the need to run errands. Your parent will still occasionally need to do things like go to the post office, pick something up at the pharmacy, or return a book to the library. An elderly care provider can drive your parent around town to complete their errands, also helping to keep your parent safe as they walk in and out of buildings.

When your aging loved one decides to stop driving, it’s important that they still maintain some independence and have access to transportation to where they need to go. Elderly care providers can offer transportation when it’s needed, but they can also provide companionship, ambulatory assistance, light housekeeping, meal preparation and more.

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