The coronavirus pandemic is making people think about a lot of different situations that might not have been as important otherwise. As your senior’s caregiver, helping her to have good respiratory hygiene helps her with so many issues, not just avoiding COVID-19. But if your elderly family member hasn’t had to know the very fine steps in maintaining respiratory health, some of these steps may be new for her.

Cover When You Cough or Sneeze

The first rule of good respiratory hygiene is that you need to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. This is because particles from those respiratory fluids can contain all sorts of germs. If you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus, you’ll be spreading those germs. Many people cough into their hands, but that’s honestly a bad idea. It’s a much better idea to use the bend of your elbow, if possible.

Use Tissues Once and Use Them Correctly

Lots of folks have a habit of wiping their nose with a tissue and then hanging onto it, especially if they’ve got a runny nose. It’s much better to use tissues to blow your nose or to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. After you’ve used the tissue once, throw it away. That keeps you from touching a tissue that contains germs and then transferring those germs into your body via your nose and mouth.

Wash Hands Thoroughly and Often

Hand washing has been recommended from the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic for good reason. It’s an incredibly effective way to remove and to kill germs on the hands. You touch things constantly and then touch your face, which transfers all sorts of germs from the items you’ve touched into your body through your mucus membranes. When you wash your hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and water, you’re removing those germs before they can get into your body and infect you.

Model Good Behaviors

Something that helps immensely is for you to model good respiratory hygiene to your senior family member and to other people. When you’re modeling those good behaviors, it’s easier for them to see what they should be doing, too. The best part of good respiratory hygiene is that it helps everyone to be a little bit healthier.

When you and your senior are both using good respiratory hygiene, that can help to prevent a wide range of respiratory ailments. It’s also incredibly helpful during the coronavirus pandemic.

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