As a caregiver, there are always talks you need to have with your senior, but some of them are more difficult than others are. Some of the really difficult conversations, especially the ones involving end-of-life issues, might be the ones you’ve been putting off the longest.

Keep the Emphasis on What She’s Able to Do

These conversations can be a little easier on both you and your senior if you remember to keep the focus where it needs to be. Dwelling on what she’s lost or on what she can’t do anymore isn’t productive and it can cause both of you to feel bogged down. There are always things your senior is still able to do and that’s where the greatest emphasis needs to be. That’s going to give you both the positive outlook that you need.

Collect and Share as Much Information as Possible

As a caregiver, you’re already doing a lot of information gathering. For the more difficult conversations, like how your senior wants the end of her life to go, you’re still going to need to collect information. Share with your senior what you’re learning and get her input on all of it. How she feels and what she wants is going to steer your information gathering stage, so let her help you find what you really need to know.

Postponing the Talk Doesn’t Help

Conversations like this aren’t always fun. In fact, you might feel as if you should just keep putting them off for as long as possible. Or your senior might be the one who is dragging her feet about having this talk. Whichever of you is trying to avoid this needs to stop, because all you’re doing is delaying the inevitable. It’s far better for you to know your senior’s wishes than it is to feel as if you’re forced to guess about what she needs and wants.

Don’t Wait to Get Additional Help

As soon as you have even a hint that you might need extra help, it’s time to make that happen. Elder care providers can make so many of the situations your senior might be facing a lot easier. They are able to assist with mobility concerns and making your senior’s home safer. They’re also able to offer companionship that might be more and more necessary if you’re busier with other tasks and obligations. Don’t wait for this decision, either, because having extra help can be incredibly beneficial.

Knowing what your senior wants from her life now and in the future isn’t easy to talk about, but it’s an essential conversation. Try some of these tips to take a little of the fear out of the equation.

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