Is it Possible to Get Better at Accepting Assistance?

Accepting help is a big hurdle to clear, especially if you’re convinced that no one wants to help you and your senior. It really is possible for you to get a lot better at both recognizing and accepting the help that you need.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush with Friends and Family

Believe it or not, you’re not being as clear with your friends and family members about what you need as you think you are. You might be saying one thing, but that doesn’t mean that your family members and other people you care about are picking up on what that means to you. You’re going to have to become very clear and very open about what it is that you need for them to do. If you’re hinting at all, you’re going to be off target more often than you expect.

Listen More Closely to What People Are Saying to You

Something else to consider is that you’re not listening as much as you think you are, either. You think you’re hearing everything your family members and friends are telling you, but you’re missing some details. Family members and friends are likely offering help to you a lot more than you expect, but they’re doing it in subtle ways. They may be saying things like, “Let me know if I can help.” You hear that in one way, but they might mean that they have no clue how to help you and are waiting for you to be specific. So give them a task, in detail, that you need help accomplishing.

Look for Ways to Be More Flexible about Accepting Help

When caregivers find themselves on their own, they tend to structure their days and their task lists in specific ways so that they can get as much done as possible. This can be a really efficient way for you to keep yourself organized. What happens, though, is that you end up relying on that structure so heavily that you feel as if help throws everything off. It’s much better for you to be more flexible, so that you can start to accept more help and it doesn’t mess with your routines.

Take Time for Yourself on a Regular Basis

When you’re taking time away on a regular basis so that you can recharge yourself and rest, that helps you to remember why help is so essential. Of course, you may need to rely on help in order to do this, as well. Start out slowly and make sure that you’re scheduling respite time on a regular basis, starting as soon as you possibly can.

You might be thinking that you don’t have family members or friends on whom you can rely. That may well be accurate, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have help available to you. Senior care providers can step in and assist you and your senior with all sorts of tasks.

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