How Do You Help Your Parents Keep Their House Clean?

A clean, organized home is important to your mom and dad’s well-being. Too much clutter increases their risk of falling. Dirt, dander, mildew, and bacteria can lead to infection and allergies. When they’re having a harder time keeping their house clean, how do you help them?

Create a Weekly Chore List

Scheduling is important. If you have limited time, you need to prevent scheduling too much in the time you have. Laundry could be saved to weekends. Meal preparation could be done in bulk and moved to the freezer for the rest of the week.

Make sure you don’t overlook any chores. You’ll have to do the vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, and dusting. You will need to clean the sinks, tubs, and showers. The toilet needs scrubbing and disinfecting. Counters need to be wiped down. If there’s a dishwasher, that needs to be run and emptied.

Think of other household chores like watering plants, checking the refrigerator for spoiled or past-date items, and cleaning out the coffeemaker. You’ll be disinfecting door handles, phones, remotes, and latches. Some of these can be scheduled for every other week or once a month to save you time.

Get Family to Help

Once you have a to-do list written out, see if there are other family members who can help during the week. If you’re available to stop by three days a week, find out who is free on the other days.

There’s an extra benefit to having multiple people helping out each week. Your parents get to socialize with a mix of visitors. As much as they love seeing you, they may want to see their nieces and nephews from time to time. With multiple visitors each week, they have that opportunity.

Don’t Rule Out Technology

Some of today’s technologies can help with housekeeping chores. There are smart refrigerators that allow you to see inside and make sure your parents have enough milk. You can get robotic vacuums and mops that clean floors automatically at a specific time or when you tell it to.

There are washing machine and dryer combinations that dispense the amount of laundry detergent it senses the items needs, washes them, and dries them. Best of all, you can control that machine remotely. While the wash takes care of itself, you can focus on other chores.

What Else Are They Having a Harder Time Doing?

You could hire cleaners to clean your parents’ home, but what else are they struggling to do? Cleaners cannot cook your parents’ meals or help them schedule and keep track of appointments. You need senior care services if housekeeping isn’t their only challenge.

Senior care includes helpful services like transportation, companionship, and assistance with ambulation. Talk to a specialist to find out all of the different ways your parents could be getting the help they need.

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