How Can You Offer to Help Your Senior with Incontinence Issues?

Over time you might start to realize or suspect that your elderly family member is dealing with incontinence problems. If she’s not bringing it up, you might have to be the one to talk to her about what’s happening. But that can be a lot trickier than you might have thought.

Wait for the Right Moment

This can be a bit of a delicate conversation with your senior. It’s important that you address the conversation properly and that you are coming across to her the way that you intend. For example, using accusatory tones or being upset with her for not talking to you about her incontinence issues is not going to help. If she doesn’t seem open to the conversation or is resisting talking, let go for now and try again later.

Make Sure You’re Going to Have Time to Talk

If you’re not going to have plenty of time to devote to this conversation, you might want to wait. This isn’t something that you want to rush or that you need to have interrupted. Your senior is going to feel more comfortable opening up to you if you’re giving her the time and the space to do so in a way that feels safe to her.

Offer to Go to Her Doctor with Her

You might want to consider offering to go to her doctor with her. This can be a scary thing to bring up with a medical professional, too, even if your senior has been going to her doctor for a long time already. If you go with her, she may feel more comfortable knowing that someone else will catch details that she might otherwise have missed.

Don’t Give Up

Above all, don’t give up if your senior doesn’t want to talk to you yet. Just because she isn’t ready to talk right now doesn’t mean that she won’t come back to you later and be more open to discussing what’s going on. If you’re going to truly help her, you need to let her know that you’re there for her and that you’re ready to help.

There are a lot of sources of help with this issue for your senior. If she’s still too embarrassed for you to help her directly right now, consider hiring home care providers. They can alleviate a great deal of discomfort and be a tremendous help for your elderly family member.

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