Home Care in Falmouth MEIf your elderly family member isn’t being as social as she used to be, there are likely reasons for that. Avoiding other people can be detrimental emotionally and mentally, so it’s important to find ways for your senior to socialize that help her to feel connected and engaged.

What Kinds of Interactions Does Your Senior Want to Have?

It’s really important to understand how much social interaction your senior wants and is comfortable with on a regular basis. Spending most of her time alone might not be the best thing for her, but if you try to force her to be more social than feels comfortable for her, that could cause problems, too. The idea is to find the right balance of socializing for your senior so that she’s not spending too much time alone. Talk to her about what she wants.

Technology Can Bridge Distances

If your senior wants to socialize more with friends and family, both near and far away, that might not be as possible as she would like. Other family members have busy lives, too, and it might be difficult for them to spend as much time in person with your senior as they would want. That’s where using technology can be helpful. Video calling and social media aren’t the same as spending time with the people she loves in person, but they can help to bridge the distance.

Look for Senior Programs in Her Area

Your elderly family member might not realize all of the options available to help her to meet other people in her age group with similar interests. Look for senior programs and centers in her area that might give her some of the socialization opportunities she’s been looking for. Libraries also sometimes have classes and events that are geared for specific age groups, and this might be an opportunity for your elderly family member to learn something new and to meet people who share her interests.

Make Sure She Has a Way to Get to Where She Wants to Go

A significant cause of reduced socializing can often be that your senior isn’t able to drive anymore. When your senior can’t get where she’s used to going, that can cause her to withdraw and to shut down. Having the ability to get up and go whenever she wants or needs to can remove this obstacle for her. Home care providers are an excellent option, especially when you’re not able to always do the driving for your senior.

Remember to keep your senior’s preferences in mind as you help her to be more social. As long as you’re within her personal limits, socializing should be enjoyable and beneficial for her.

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