Four Ways to Make Bathing a Lot More Pleasant for Your Senior

Taking a shower or a bath may be so unpleasant for your elderly family member that she avoids it entirely. But that can have an impact on her health and is not something that she can do indefinitely. With your help, she can bathe safely without having the experience be a terrible one.

Do Some Prep Work

You might feel like “prep work” is a strong term for what you need to do, but it’s accurate. Preparing for a bath or shower is crucial for your senior, especially if she’s got some lingering fears or concerns about bathing. Make sure that you’ve got towels and clean clothing ready to go. You also want to make sure that you’ve got all the supplies and toiletries that your elderly family member might use ready to go. When you’ve done the prep work properly, you don’t have to interrupt the process once it’s in motion.

Minimize Distractions

The fewer distractions there are, the better for your senior and for everyone else. No matter how your senior already feels about bathing, having a lot of other things going on at the same time is just a bad idea. Keeping your elderly family member safe and secure while she’s in such a vulnerable position is the best plan, and reducing exterior influences is going to help with that.

Check Your Positivity Levels

How you’re feeling directly influences how your senior is feeling, whether you realize that or not. So, when you dread that it’s time for your senior to have a shower, she’s likely to pick up on that and have a similar response. Do what you can to make this as positive an experience as you can, both for yourself and for your elderly family member. If you’re doing that, you’re going to have a better chance at getting things done without everyone’s moods plummeting.

Let Your Senior Know What’s Happening

Communication is always key, especially when you’re helping your senior with something as personal as bathing. Before you do something, let your elderly family member know what you’re about to do. If you’re about to help her to rinse, talk to her about it. This is going to take a lot of the surprise and possibly the frustration out of the activity for her. It also encourages her to communicate with you and let you know what’s okay and what isn’t.

It might also be possible that your senior and you just aren’t able to handle bathing as a task together. That’s when you might want to consider bringing in elderly care providers. They can simplify the process and have experience helping seniors with these types of personal care tasks.

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