Don’t Overlook the Care Your Dad Needs When He Has a Foot Ulcer

An ulcer is a sore or wound that doesn’t heal. Foot ulcers are more common in diabetics. But, they can also occur when blood does circulate well and swelling occurs regularly. If your dad has a foot ulcer, you cannot be lax when it comes to foot care. He needs to see a doctor and he needs to do everything his doctor says.

The biggest risk of a foot ulcer is infection. If there is an infection, his doctor may prescribe  antibiotics. Compression garments and wound care are also recommended. If there’s a risk of a blood clot forming, he may be put on additional medications.

The Benefits of Home Health Care

Diabetic foot ulcers need care and management after he’s healed. Home health care services help in a variety of ways. A nurse can stop by and help him with wound care. He’ll have an expert available to change his bandages, check for signs of infection, and assist with medication management. If he’s on any IV medications, such as an IV antibiotic, the nurse can take care of that in the comfort of his home.

If your dad is new to having diabetes, he may need some training. Home health care agencies can arrange to have someone come to your dad’s health to teach him about diabetes management. He can have a dietitian work with him on the right foods to eat. He may need a physical therapist to help him learn to walk with a prosthetic if amputation is required.

Home Care Also Helps

Home care is also beneficial as your dad helps. Caregivers can keep his house clean. He’ll have a caregiver available to help with proper foot care. He needs to use a gentle cleanser every day and thoroughly wash the tops and bottoms of his feet. He needs to dry them thoroughly and apply a moisturizer to his feet and legs to prevent dryness.

Your dad’s nails need to be trimmed regularly. A caregiver can cut them and file any rough edges. While checking and caring for your dad’s feet, the caregiver can look them over for problems. If a caregiver finds an open sore, your dad’s doctor gets a call and can offer opinions on what needs to be done.

There’s one more thing your dad should be doing. He needs to wear shoes around the yard and house to prevent getting cuts or bacteria into a crack or sore. The shoes he wears need to fit properly. If they don’t, they may rub and cause blisters. In addition to discussing home care, talk to your dad about going to a shoe expert that does fittings. If he has the right shoes, he’ll find his mobility and foot health will improve.

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