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As our loved ones begins to age, family members often feel the need and responsibility to help with everyday tasks that are now challenging for them. Nobody looks ahead and envisions a day when our special someone needs help. Providing daily care and meeting the non-medical needs for a loved one can become highly stressful, taking its toll on you, your family and often times can change family dynamics. Eventually, you and your family realize you need help, and now must make a choice in finding someone to assist you with the care and safety of your loved one. CareTree can help you ensure their quality of life by providing professional and knowledgeable advice.  

From our first interaction, we work with  you to assess your loved one’s unique situation and challenges to determine the best Life Enhancement needed. For them, we become a companion, a trusted friend, but always a CareGiver. For you, we become your counsel, resource and constant voice…keeping you abreast of any changes or successes.

If you need help, you’re not alone. CareTree Healthcare has offered a variety of services to hundreds of families throughout Maine just like yours. We can help you, too.


“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”.

Margaret Mead

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